Debian Packaging

My First Blog about my First Debian package.

I have been part of Free Software Movement Karnataka(FSMK) from the first winter camp they held on Jan 2013. It was always fun to learn new things about Open Source Softwares. Ever since then I thought of contributing to open source.

On 25th November 2014, I got to know about the Debian-packaging training session that is to be held on 28th November by Balasankar C over IRC. The session was to be started at 10:00 pm. I was keen, set alarm for 9:45 pm, on the sound of alarm took my laptop joined the channel. There were around 10-12 people who joined that day.

Balasankar C (bsc), the trainer(host :-P) took a formal introduction of all.Then started with the basics. Explained about the directory structure, the files and the thing which we will have to look into. The session continued till next day. And finally, I was able to build my gem. As suggested by bsc I filed ITP, But I was not able to finish packaging that gem because it was an urgent requirement and I was not free. During this time I got introduced to Praveen.

Sooner I got new gem to package and then started the fun part. I was very new to this and had zero knowledge about packaging(Ok, maybe 5%, Because bsc gave an introduction to files). I started pinging Praveen and bsc every day, disturbing them a lot, just to finish my package. Finally, the day came(Jan 22), when I successfully completed my package.


I know I am very bad in writing but wanted to share this wonderful experience of working with bsc and Praveen.

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