How I became part of FSMK

Dec 2012, It was the 5th semester of Engineering. My friend Nooran came to me saying that there was a technical camp in Bangalore from Jan 26th-Jan 30th being conducted by FSMK(Free Software Movement Karnataka) and it cost 1200 if would register instantly. My friends Nithanth, Vinay, Nanda and I were curious. We wanted to learn something and we needed some initiation. We thought of going to the camp and so we registered.

We reached the venue a day prior, met people and spent the day and were preparing mentally for the start of the camp. It was winter and damn cold; still we managed to wake up early in the morning on the 26th Jan, got ready and went to the place where everyone had gathered.

Raghavendra Selvan started to talk explaining why Free (Free as in Freedom) Software and explained about Linux and Flavours of it. That’s it, we removed windows from our personal laptops(Never used windows again on my personal machine) and started learning about different free and open-source software. We got to know many people from FSMK that day Vignesh Prabhu, Santosh Kumar, Karthic Rao(hackintoshrao), Shijil,  Sharat. All were generous and approachable people. I then decided I will never miss any of the camps that FSMK conducts and I wanted to be part of FSMK.

Then came the summer camp in July 2013. Wanted to be a part of the volunteering team, but went as a participant. Again learnt many things, met many people, we also performed on stage, but I had one thing in my mind. I wanted to be a part of the volunteering team.

Then came next camp during July 19th-27th 2014. I had my company’s qualification test on July 22nd conflicting with the dates of the camp. I was sad thinking that I couldn’t be part of volunteering team again. Then Shijil said that I can finish my exams and then come to the camp for volunteering. So went to Goa for the test, finished it (Obviously did not clear the test) and reached the camp venue on 23rd July.

My First day as a volunteer in FSMK.

It was, indeed, a proud moment; have been associated with FSMK ever since. Looking forward to many more exciting, memorable and proud moments.

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