Days at FSMK Summer Camp 2016

July 16, 2016, the day had come, I packed my bags and was ready to leave. I reached Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur at 1pm July 17th. Took some rest and was waiting for everyone to come. By evening everyone came and I knew only a few as I live in Pune.My friend and Junior in College Harshith came by evening, He had a few friends already in FSMK. We were introduced to each other. But I was excited to know everyone and also to volunteer the camp. Yes, It was FSMK conducting their 5th camp.

The tracks that FSMK provided were,

  1. Web designing
    • Front End
    • Back End
  2. Animation
  3. Hardware

I was interested in volunteering Web designing but was confused with selecting sub track. Since there was Flask(Framework in Python) as part of Backend I decided to volunteer Web designing backend. It was a new thing for me, and with teaching the participants, I was getting to learn.

Day 1 started, After breakfast everyone was sent to the hall for the introduction to Free software and its ideology. Later all participants were sent to labs as per the track they selected. Ram(voidspacexyz) and Abhinav(frankanstine) were the speakers for backend track. Since it was the first we conducted an installation session of fedora. Mean while volunteers were finding tough time installing fedora because of the fast boot and UEFI lock(thanks to Windows). All volunteers were strong and determined. Finally, we were able to break it and install fedora.

Day 2 started, Speakers started with explaining basics of Python(Actually, they had started on the first day, we were busy installing fedora on laptops you see). They  also taught saving data on a file and retrieving it or modifying it(I know it is insane, but participants had to feel the pain. Only then will they understand the actual value of database). We also made them do a simple todo app using python and file operation.

I forgot to tell you, both these days we wanted to play counter strike, but were unable to play due to various reasons.

Day 3 started, Speaker started with mongodb as a replacement for file operations, explained it to the participants and asked them to convert the file operations in todo manger to database operations. Participants were really good and most of them were quick in learning things. Still few had some problem understanding in solving things.

Day 4, we asked the participants to continue with the same, so that they are familiar with database operations. Later in the afternoon Abhinav Started with Flask. He had taught me the same, the previous night so that I would be comfortable to teach it to the participants the next day. Participants were almost new to API’s and flask and found a little more challenging than the other concepts. We asked them to create the same todo app using simple HTML frontend and flask and mongodb as backend. Few were good and was finishing it very fast.

Day 5, We let the participants continue with their work and were helping them out with issues. By the end of the day, everyone had completed at least basic structure of the app and many had completed adding many features to it. Providing it with beautiful UI. We were amazed to look at the participants grabbing things so quickly.

Day 6, We were not knowing what to do as participants had finished off their projects by 5th day and we were not expecting them to finish off that soon. So we thought we would ask participants which project they wanted to work on and then a topic was decided. Then we created teams to work on different modules of the same project. People were all working very hard. Then, in the evening we had a cultural program where my friends and I danced(SSH!! Dot tell anyone about this)

Day 7, we continued helping participants with their works and also we had a debate of Start-ups vs MNC’s. The Debate went on well. Then later in the afternoon formal function was held and everyone started leaving. Everyone had enjoyed a lot, learned a lot, found new friends.

I, by the end of those seven days had learnt a lot, made good friends(Ashwin(booleanhunter), Abhishek, Ujwal, Divya, Krithika, Vishal,Abhinav, Ram. Harshit was already my friend.) Speakers Ram and Abhinav were very good. They were explaining things soo good that no one found it difficult to understand. All the debates we had at hostels during night,the planning for the coming sessions, the talks with friends and the watching movies with them were all memorable. Specially Ashwin was so inspiring with his talks about life.

Well I have a lot to tell and a lot to learn. But the things I learnt in FSMK camp and other  the memories there are remarkable.

with my friends




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